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Mortgage Solutions Group offers home mortgages and financing options in the Greater
Victoria Area. Information on mortgage pre-approval, first mortgages, construction loans
and more from our team of mortgage brokers.

Mortgage brokers are here to help you navigate the confusing and time-consuming world
of home financing. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate veteran,
we’re confident that our qualified team at Mortgage Solutions Group
can find a solution for you.

First Mortgage

First mortgage can be nerve-racking for a bunch of reasons. Not only are they large financial commitments.


Construction Mortgages

Construction Mortgages Victoria can give you the opportunity to make the home of your dreams a reality.


Second Mortgages

Second mortgage is a secondary loan taken out against a property after the first mortgage is already in place.


Mortgage Pre-Approval

Mortgage pre-approval is an important first step to take when you’re preparing to purchase a home.


Third Mortgage

Third mortgage loans are prioritized lower than your first or second mortgage, meaning that they will be the last to be paid in case of default.


Mortgage Renewal

In 2011, a Manulife survey found that almost two-thirds of Canadians surveyed chose to stay



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Jeff Peterson

We are a newly wedded couple and had decided to find a bigger place that is suitable for a small family since we wanted a baby right away. After asking around, we contacted Mortgage Solutions Group and explained what we wanted.

Steve Hider

Mortgage Solutions Group brilliant! So helpful in every aspect and available whenever I had a question. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, you will be in good hands!

Jeff Peterson

I had some bad experiences with some mortgage companies I tried to contact before. For some reason, I was not able to finish my transactions with them regarding my housing loan. So I had to look around for a better one.

David Pavel

Had some problems with a few accrued mortgages and credit card debts. Luckily, a friend recommended that I contact Mortgage Solutions Group and talk to them about my mortgage refinancing, and true enough, my debts got cleared after accomplishing some requirements. Kudos and more power!

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We’re Obsessed with Finding a Better Way

Victoria mortgage brokers are seeing an increasing number of first-time buyers approaching them with concerns over what seems like a guaranteed bidding war when they find the home they want. While it isn’t a guarantee, it’s important to be prepared if the house you’re bidding on receives other offers. Here are tried and true things you can do to help you win (and survive) a bidding war.

1. Find a Victoria mortgage broker you trust and get mortgage pre-approval. To do this, your mortgage broker will work with you to find a lender and then they will review your income, debt, down payment and your credit history to gauge what kind of loan they will offer you. Your pre-approval will come in writing that you can use to prove mortgage pre-approval and should include a guaranteed interest rate that is usually valid for about 90 days. Mortgage pre-approval will help you know the price range you should be looking in and how much you can feasibly offer if you get in a bidding war.

2. When you are getting ready to buy a property in Victoria, mortgage brokers and realtors understand that this is often the largest investment someone will ever make in their life. This is why they will encourage you to do your research. Put the same amount of care into your home inspection as your neighbourhood inspection. Check out the local schools, transportation, crime rates, medical offices and anything else that may affect you and your family.

3. Watch your timing. The weekend is a madhouse when it comes to competition on homes. Talk with your Victoria mortgage broker to better understand the quieter days of the week for viewings so that you can see a house and place a bid before the rush.

4. Before you start bidding, know what you’re getting into. If you have your mortgage pre-approval completed, it can be tempting to jump right in and start throwing out numbers, but know if the property and the area are worth going over the asking price.

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