Mortgage brokers in Brampton, Ontario are seeing a huge boom as a young, diverse and quickly increasing population moves from Toronto to this green city just 42km away from the downtown core. Once a quiet community, Brampton is now the 11th largest city in Canada. Eager homebuyers looking for cheaper real estate than Toronto have descended on Brampton in droves.

While our Brampton mortgage brokers at Group Mortgage Solutions will admit that the home prices are a bit less dear than Toronto, Brampton still boasts some pricey homes, with detached family housing averaging out at just over $400,000. A generally safe city, Brampton does have a dependence on cars but is also a very bike friendly town, which will play well with anyone moving from Toronto who loves their cycling. Residents also boast that theirs was the first city in the GTA to receive the designation of an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization

Brampton has a young median age of only 33.7 years, younger than the GTA and Canada. It also is ranked fifth for the largest population of visible minorities in Canada and 31.9% of Brampton residents identify as South Asian.

If you’re looking for something along the lines of an authentic, century old Edwardian or Victorian home, we encourage you to check out Brampton’s bustling downtown hug. While character filled, don’t expect these older homes to be kitted out with large bedrooms and spacious baths, which just wasn’t the style at the time. If you are looking for something newer, Brampton’s active real estate market will definitely hold something for you. We recommend getting mortgage pre-approval before going on your house hunting tours so you know exactly what you can offer a seller.

Finally, if you’re a lover of green spaces and the outdoors, Brampton will give you endless spaces to enjoy. With over 6000 acres of green space, Brampton’s parks, outdoor activities and seven lovely golf courses will keep you happy. Talk to one of Group Mortgage Solutions’ Brampton mortgage brokers today to find your fit in lovely Brampton, Ontario.

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