Between Burlington and Mississauga is the beautiful and affluent town of Oakville. Located on Lake Ontario and close to downtown Toronto, Oakville is home to 180,000 people and is considered a sought after community to call home.

Our Oakville mortgage brokers are finding more and more people interested in moving to the lovely town of Oakville, and they’re not surprised! Oakville has something to offer for everyone. A young town, most of Oakville’s population falls between the ages of 20 to 50. This also means that the town has a great number of schools, including 26 public elementary schools and 5 French immersion schools; with many of these schools scoring exceptionally well on the EQAO rankings.

Due to its proximity to Toronto and its natural delights, Oakville’s real estate market is going through the same boom as many GTA suburbs. When looking for housing in Oakville, expect to pay a similar cost to Toronto but save money on other things like food and car insurance. You will also reap the benefits of Oakville’s low crime and family friendly community feel. Because foreign buyers are pushing the real estate costs up so quickly, we recommend speaking with one of our Oakville mortgage brokers to get mortgage pre-approval. Not only will this let you know exactly how much you can spend on a house, it will make you more attractive to sellers as well.

Oakville may a densely populated suburb of Toronto, but it is one community that really focuses on the outdoors and green spaces. From Gairloch Gardens to Bronte Creek Provincial Park, you and your family will find that living in Oakville means living closer to nature and general greenery. With two natural harbors, Oakville is also a great spot for the boating enthusiast and the town has also been rated one of the most romantic places in Canada!

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