It may seem like blasphemy to some but our Scarborough mortgage brokers agree when we say that we thin Scarborough is a better place to live than Toronto. While Scarborough can get a bad rap from Torontonians, it’s a fact that Scarborough is a friendly, diverse community. More immigrants choose Scarborough than almost any other Toronto suburb. If you’re raising your family in Scarborough, you will be able to easily expose your children to a wide variety of other cultures and religions, with many mosques, synagogues, churches and temples in the area.

Our Scarborough mortgage brokers will be the first to tell you that living in Scarborough will get you a lot more for your money than living in Toronto. The suburb offers more house and land for the same amount of money. While the average price of a home has risen steadily over the past few years, Scarborough still enjoys average house prices that are $500,000 cheaper than Toronto.

If you’re looking for great schools for the little ones, Scarborough offers many high ranked schools such as Agincourt Collegiate and L’Amoreaux Collegiate, which are among the top ranked schools for all of Toronto.

Let’s talk about the crime stats, since that seems to be where a lot of people focus on when they talk about the negatives of live in Scarborough. In reality, Scarborough’s violent crime rate is 3% less than Toronto and the murder rate is also lower than Toronto. Most people view Scarborough as crime ridden since any crime reported there is written up as a Scarborough area crime, lumping everything into one category, when crime in Toronto is reported by the intersection it happens on.

While Scarborough may be taking reputational knocks, we encourage you to get out here and meet with one of our Scarborough mortgage brokers to talk mortgage pre-approval and financing and see just how far your money can get you in this misunderstood and misrepresented suburb that we love to call home.

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