Vaughan mortgage brokers have watched the “city above Toronto” change from an enclave of mansions surrounded by farms, to a diverse, growing city that puts progressive planning first.

Group Mortgage Solutions’ Vaughan mortgage brokers know that Vaughan is a great city for those looking for green spaces and a green way of thinking. Over ten years ago, Vaughan introduced the “Greening Vaughan” program, which accounts for renewable waste management, while its 740 hectares of parks and land acreage make sure that the city doesn’t lose its trees. It was also one of the first spots in the GTA to focus on keeping sections of trees in place in subdivisions.

In Vaughan, the average cost of a home is about $850,000. While Toronto has driven some bidding wars over real estate into the suburbs, it is still plenty possible to pick up a house without one in Vaughan. To make sure you’re prepared, it’s important to be mortgage pre-approval before you start looking for homes, so you know exactly ho much you can spend. Our Vaughan mortgage brokers are based out of the city and can help you figure out the best financial situation for you.

A diverse city, Italian and Russian are the most common languages spoken in Vaughan after English. This means that you’ll be moving to a city that caters to Europeans, something residents have long enjoyed for the food and entertainment diversity it offers. Our Vaughan mortgage brokers also point out that transportation around Vaughan is easy to access and affordable. Balanced between the buses and rapid transit of the YRT (York Region Transit), the buses of the TTC and Go Transit, you’ll find a variety of ways to get around the city.

The Vaughan region is an incredibly safe place to live. This family oriented community means that you will be seeing neighbourhood after neighbourhood that will make you want to push forward with your mortgage pre-approval right then and there. Ample family housing and close-knit communities make it an ideal place to raise a young family.

If you’re considering your move to Vaughan, contact our Vaughan mortgage brokers to help make your financial process the easiest part of the whole move.

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